The New Mollart LD4-750 Drillsprint Machine Is Built And Ready To Go

The Mollart built LD4-750 Drillsprint machine is now ready and waiting to be shipped to one of our customers! The machine is fitted with an automated loading system, a simple robot interface, plus automatic door opening and closing.

LD4-750 Drillsprint Machine
Outstanding Versatility

Our standard LD4-750 Drillsprint machine is able to drill from Ø2mm-Ø16mm with a choice of 750mm, 1200mm and 1500mm drilling depth. It can also accommodate other drilling ranges and depths and therefore has the capacity to be a versatile special purpose machine. As with all Mollart machines the LD4-750 meets the latest CE specifications. 

Alternative Loading System

The standard automated loading system, capable of 30 parts entry and exit can accept shafts from Ø20mm-Ø40mm and a minimum length of 330mm. Alternative loading with robots or gantry systems can also be supported, as the machine can be fitted with an integrated automatic door opening and closing system when working as part of a production cell.  With the loader fitted, there is a quick adjustable lifting mechanism that takes the parts to the correct center height and into and out of the location cones.  This makes the work holding more positive resulting in parts of a higher quality.   Typical drilling results are better than 0.2mm over 750mm TIR at the exit.  

The robot interface consists of a programmable Profibus interface card, wired to a Harting plug interface.  

If you would like to know more about this machine or other Drillsprint machines at Mollart please contact us. For general information take a look at our other machinery For more specific enquiries why not get in touch.