Mollart has supplied precision engineered machines to some of the world leaders in the defense industry. We have the capability, plus the skills and knowledge, to produce highly complex machined components. We have a variety of machines capable of producing components for the defense industry including rifle barrels. Typically, these bores will be 2 – 12mm in diameter, but there are options to go bigger if required. Mollart can supply machines to drill, ream and rifle the bore. Our fully automatic machines go into production cells with auto-feed and auto tool feeds. For increased versatility, the automation can also be linked with robots.

Mollart machines are capable of drilling & reaming between 2mm to 12mm up to depths of 750mm with longer variants if required. Our Button Rifling machine is capable of 2mm to 12mm rifling range, with a standard rifling depth capacity of 750mm. The auto-loading of the parts and threading of the reamer or button rifling tool is available upon request.