Precision VDMF Micro Drilling Machine In The Medical Industry

Mollart vertical Micro Gundrilling Machine (VDMF) can produce holes from 0.5mm to 6mm and up to 300mm in depth on-center or close pitch off-center. This process can incorporate tool monitoring, specialized filtration, index patterns drilling and multi-component fixturing with autoloading options.

Medical Industry

The medical sector requires precise components, often with small diameter, long length holes. The gundrilling process offers key advantages in the processing of these holes. Producing components such as bone screws and cannulated tools used in bone, joint and implant surgery requires accurate and precise gundrilling techniques. Mollart’s VDMF Micro Drilling Machine has been engineered with the capability to produce precision medical equipment that meets the exact standards and specifications required for this type of surgery.  

Automatic Integration

Within its 2m x 2m footprint, the machine can be supplied with automation, which provides some autonomy, so that it can run on its own. For instance, take the example below, it can complete 144 parts before it needs human intervention. The pick and place pallet system can be adapted for many parts. 

Alternatively, the machine can be integrated into fully automatic systems and therefore be completely autonomous.

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