Mollart VDMF Machine’s Specialist Applications – MIG Torch Welding Tips

Mollart’s VDMF vertical micro-drilling machine can be applied to a wide variety of specialist applications, including the manufacture of MIG Torch Tips for the Welding Industry.

Mollart VDM Machine MIG Torch Tips

The above sample is a 0.5mm drill with a 40mm through-hole in solid copper, drilled using the Mollart VDMF machine. The machine is specially designed and developed for the production of small drill components between Ø0.5mm and Ø6mm, with depths to 300mm. Coupled with an automatic loading system, the machine is very quick and can offer many hours of drilling without intervention. 

High-Quality Tips and  Reduced Production Costs

Using good quality MIG torch tips can reduce production costs and enhance productivity by extending the life of the tip between changes. The Mollart VDMF machine is capable of producing excellent quality holes, that provide good thermal and electrical conductivity. This enables consistent current transfer to the wire, while also being durable enough to withstand the heat generated during the welding process. High-quality welds can also result in lower operating costs, especially when compared to other types of welding equipment. Another added benefit of using our VDMF machine is the ability to precisely control the gap, enabling the tip to be optimised for your specific application.  

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