Increase Productivity with the Bencere IRU Recessing System

The Bencere Internal Recessing Unit (IRU)  is the most efficient method of machining single or multiple internal grooves in one operation. The system comprises of an operating head, location pilot, carrier arm and cutter. The design of the IRU system ensures the cutter is supported along its entire length by the pilot. This eliminates deflection and ensures precise feature machining.

Bencere IRU Tool Benefits:

  • Self-supporting system allows for long reach applications 
  • Zero Cutter Deflection
  • Grooves concentric to bores
  • Low cutting forces
  • Multiple grooves or chamfers in 1-pass
  • Cycle times typically less than 15 second
  • Fast, efficient, consistent performance
  • Suitable for CNC or manual machines
  • 2:1 feed ratio makes size adjustment simple
  • Ideal for high or low volume manufacture
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Cutters to suit virtually all materials

IRU Tool Applications

Bencere ICU Tooling Applications

IRU grooving applications are suitable for  many industries including Hydraulics, Automotive, Heat transfer, Aerospace and Defence. Ideally for machining multiple grooves or lands inside bores, where close tolerances and finish are critical. The image below shows typical applications of the IRU system.

Bencere IRU Typical Applications

Want the most efficient method of machine single or multiple grooves? The Bencere IRU recessing system is the best choice! Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project with us, or would like more information.