China International Machine Tool Exhibition

Mollart extends its successful penetration of Chinese gundrilling market

On the first day of exhibiting at China International Machine Tool Show in Beijing, a totally new customer visited the Mollart Engineering stand at 10.00am, discussed the technical merits of a gundrilling application for producing fuel rails and placed an order just before 3pm for a Mollart DrillSprint.

Exhibiting in the British Pavillion at CIMT 2015 with the MTA, Sales Director Ian Petitt said: “The automotive fuel injection customer was completely unknown to us but had selected the British built machine against other international suppliers at the exhibition.  This further reinforces our reputation as the market leader in deephole drilling technology in the country.”

The DrillSprint has the capacity to gundrill holes between 2 mm and 25 mm diameter by up to 1,500 mm in depth.  It is available with up to four spindle configurations and is easily interfaced with automation.                

Reflects Mr Petitt, The order is almost a re-run of the same exhibition in 2013 when we sold a DrillSprint machine off the stand for gundrilling layshafts in automotive gearboxes.  He said: “That machine had a special significance as it was the 40th order for gundrilling machines we had taken from China.  Such has been our continuous level of penetration of the Chinese market that we now have 60 machines installed in that country.”

Mollart DrillSprint sold off the stand at CIMT 2015 in Beijing