Machine Capabilities

Drillsprint – Gundrilling

The Drillsprint range of machines are available with Light or Medium duty.


Drillsprint Light Duty:

-2mm to 25mm
-1 to 4-spindles
-Hole depths up to 3,000mm
-Counter-rotation for improved straightness
-On-line or off-center drilling
-Special design available

Drillsprint Medium Duty:

-5mm to 50mm
-1 to 8 spindles
-Hole depths up to 3000mm
-Counter-rotation for improved straightness
-Opposed spindle versions
-Special design available


Mollart offers a range of BTA deep hole drilling machines with a variety of drilling depths



-18mm to 65mm drilling range
-Drilling depths to 3,000mm
-1 or 2 spindle options
-Integrated coolant systems included
-Special design available


-Solid drilling 18-150mm
-Counter boring to 250mm
-Drilling depths to 4,000mm
-Counter-rotation and work holding options
-Special design available


Multi-spindle 3-axis knee-type gundrilling machines for off-center drilling. Mollart's Omnisprint available in 1, 2, 4 & 6-spindles in 500mm, 750mm and 1,000mm depth options. Also 4th and 5th axis and pallet shuttle options.


-Off-center drilling
-3, 4-axis machine options
-2mm to 22mm drilling range
-1,2,4 & 6-spindles available
-Drilling depths to 1,000mm
-Fanuc CNC control with process monitoring

Combination Prismatic Multi Axis

Mollart has developed a series of multi axis, single and dual spindle combination gundrill and CNC machining centers to provide single cycle, multi-feature machining incorporating deep hole drilling and conventional milling and drilling cycles. Auto tool change, auto bush change and pallet changers are available.

10 FMC close up bush changer with gundrill


-6-axis flexible machining center
-Retractable whipguide, turret bush change and pallet changer
-5mm to 50mm by 1,340mm deep
-Auto-tool change magazines including gundrills
-Column-type machine with crossfeed table
-600mm pallet


-Heavy duty ram-style, 6-axis
-2 spindles
-Combined gundrilling with milling
-5mm to 50mm x 2,000mm deep
-Suitable for super alloys, titanium, Inconel


-Column-type, 6-axis machine
-2 spindles with 25º Tilting head
-Gundrill 5mm to 80mm x 2,000mm deep
-Rotary table 2,000 x 2,740mm
-Compound angle holes
-Auxiliary operations such as milling, threading and drilling

Matrix DHD & Camder

-Low cost 3 to 5-axis ram-type
-Ejector drilling, milling and drilling
-Gundrill 3 - 50mm x 1,500mm deep
-Tilting A-axis option
-Auxiliary Milling Spindle
-Table up to 15 tonne
-Guarded to CE standards

Pellet Die

Mollart's Pellet Die machines are available with 4, 8 or 16 spindles with up to 18-axis and produce many thousands of holes in a single die, with holes ranging from 1.5mm to 16mm up to depths of 150mm.


4 and 8 Spindle Pellet Die

-4 and 8 Spindle options
-1.5mm to 12mm hole range (optional 16mm)
-500mm to 1,550mm die range
-Up to 150mm drilling depth

16 Spindle Pellet Die

-Ideal for high volume die production
-1.5mm to 12mm hole range
-500mm to 1,550mm die range
-Up to 150mm drilling depth

Flat Pellet Die

-1000 - 1500mm flat die range
-5mm to 13mm hole range (optional 16mm)
-Up to 150mm drilling depth
-2, 3 or 6 spindle options

Micro Drilling

Mollart Engineering's micro driiling series are available for both Vertical Drilling and Horizontal Drilling


VDM Microdrill

-0.5mm to 6mm by up to 300mm depth
-Speeds up to 25,000 rpm
-Vertical spindle drilling from bottom to top
-Auto part changing options internal to the machine
-PCD of holes can be done by fixturing the part the machines XY coordinate table.
-Robot interfaces are available


-0.5 to 6mm Drilling range
-Speeds up to 20,000 rpm
-Horizontal drilling to depths of 300mm
-Work table allows parts to be fixtured
-2 or 4 spindle options
-Robot interfaces are available

Trepanning Machines

The Mollart trepanning machine offers the ability to produce a bore between 60mm and 300mm by 1,200mm deep (600mm from each end) from solid


-60mm to 300mm
-Bore depth up to 1200mm
-Thin wall cutters
-Also allows “U”-drilling and spade drilling