Rising To The Challenge – 0.50mm Small Hole Drilling For The Mining Industry

Engineers at Mollart’s subcontract division at Chessington, are no strangers to challenging requests from customers. So when posed with a highly technical project from a new customer in the mining sector, they immediately put their extensive knowledge of small deep hole drilling and technical skills into action.

Small Hole Drilling For The Mining Industry

Strong Collaboration Coupled with Expert Knowledge

This was a very challenging 0.50mm hole application on a 5mm spigot and because of the bespoke nature of the project and the technicalities involved, the engineers had to work very closely with the customer. A strong collaboration is something we value at Mollart Engineering. It’s an important part of the production process and is crucial in our understanding of exactly what the customer requires, especially with a  technically challenging concept like this one.

Giving credit to our highly experienced engineers, we successfully drilled the holes and completed the project to the exact customer’s requirement. All of which was completed in-house utilising our extensive range of machines and tooling.

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