Pushing The Boundaries with Mollart’s Latest Combo Drilling & Reaming Machine


Mollart has done it again! We have designed and produced a Combo Machine (LD2PR-1000) capable of drilling and reaming operations on the same machine. The machine is capable of centre-line drilling and reaming of holes from ø2mm to ø22mm, up to 4000mm drilling depth, and with 1 or 2-spindle options. This unique and effective design from the Mollart team makes it now viable to run the two systems (drilling & reaming), all in one machine without the difficulty in the past of running two separate machines. As a result, the machine will offer cost, floor area and production efficiencies. 

Mollart Combo Machine
Design & Effective Process

The achievement is down to our design of the tail stock spindle. The hollow tailstock has been married with special cones to allow the tool to be pushed through the end guard and through the components into the tool holding.  The operation is simple and effective, meaning the machine can move from drilling to reaming in just a few minutes.  Providing the customer with the choice to run smaller batches through the equipment and therefore cost savings to the user.  The full Fanuc package helps the process, as the standard cycles for ramp feed and speed allow the customer to perfect the process for drilling and reaming. 

Defence Project

Pictured below is a two-spindle machine which has a 1200 drilling depth, with a diameter range of ø3mm to ø22mm. The first Mollart LD2PR-1000 machine is going to a customer who is focused on a defence project, where the accuracy of the drilling and reaming surface finish of parts is fundamental. The drilling process is normally quoted to an accuracy 0.1/100mm TIR and we actually achieved 0.030mm – 0.1 TIR over 750mm drilling depth and surface finish 0.36 RA in AISI4140 steels material in a hardness condition of 32 HRC. On the reaming side, a surface finish of 0.26 RA over 750mm was achieved. 

Combo Drillsprint & Milling Machine

The performance of the machine has exceeded the customers’ demands and we are sure this will be another world-beater from the Mollart range of machine tool products!

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