Precision VDMF Micro Drilling Machine In Automotive, Welding And Medical Industries

The demand for precision holes with small diameters is growing and in order to meet this demand and increase capability, Mollart has created an extremely versatile VDMF Micro Drilling Deep Hole Drilling Machine. Not only can it drill holes from 6mm – 0.5mm diameter but it does it within a small footprint, 4 spindles at a time! 

 VDMF Microdrill Machine

The machine has many specialist applications and can be used in a wide variety of sectors including automotive, welding and medical industries.

Here are a few examples of how the VDMF Micro Drilling Machine has been applied to these industries:

Automotive Industry: 

 1.  Windscreen Wiper –  Hollow Shafts for Washer Fluid

 2.  Hollow Shaft Engine Valves

VDMF Microdrill Automotive Industry
Welding Industry:-

3. Mig Torch Tips  

4. Cutting Torch Tips

VDMF Micro Drilling For Welding Industry
Medical Industry:- 

Bone Screws & Cannulated Surgeons Tools

Producing components such as bone screws (Image 5) and cannulated tools used in bone, joint and implant surgery requires accurate and precise gun drilling techniques. Mollart’s VDMF Micro Drilling Machine has been engineered with the capability to produce precision medical equipment that meets the exacting standards and specifications required for this type of surgery.  

VDM Article Medical Implant Surgery
Automatic Integration

Within its 2mtr x 2mtr footprint, the machine can be supplied with automation, which provides some autonomy so that it can run on its own. For instance, take the example below, it can complete 144 parts before it needs human intervention. Also the pick and place pallet system can be adapted for many parts. 

 Alternatively, the machine can be integrated into fully automatic systems and therefore be completely autonomous.

Mollart VDMF Micro Drill Machine
Work Holding Solutions

The machine can handle thin components with ease and has a range of work holding solutions, which can be applied depending upon the application.   Driving both sides of the counter-rotation will ensure that torque isn’t applied into the part and with collecting systems we can centralise the small parts for good precision.

“Precision holes with a small diameter within a small footprint 4 spindles at a time”

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