Precision Mollart Gundrilling Machines For The Automotive Industry

Mollart Gundrilling machines range have off-center and on-center hole drilling capabilities with the ability to drill a wide range of automotive components. By utilizing our machines, automotive companies can significantly reduce production time and costs while also improving overall product quality.

Drillsprint Series

The Drillsprint range of machines are available with light or medium-duty capabilities to cover a wide range of deep hole drilling applications. Center-line drilling of holes from 2mm to 50mm, to depths of 3,000mm, and with 1 to 8 spindles means we are able to offer solutions to meet every need. The machines can be fitted with the automated loading system with robots and an integrated automatic door opening and closing system if required.

Industry 4.0 technology has been built into our machines, providing the customer with real-time visibility of production & operational information such as tool life, machine productivity, production cost and predictive maintenance. This not only enhances productivity but also enables real-time monitoring and data analysis, making it easier than ever to optimize production processes and identify areas for improvement. Read more about our latest Drillsprint Robot Cell used to produce transmission shafts here.

Omnisprint Series

The Mollart multi-axis knee-type Omnisprint deep hole drilling machine range has off-center hole drilling capability with a drilling range between 2mm and 22mm diameter and up to 1,000mm in depth with 1, 2, 4 & 6-spindle configurations, depending on the drill diameter specification. All Mollart machines will be fitted with Fanuc CNC control and its process monitoring.

We designed and manufactured the machine fixturing, providing a complete turnkey solution to manufacture hydraulically powered drive shafts used in automatic gearboxes. Many machines are robot-fed and are part of a manufacturing cell.  We have integrated our machines with multiple robot systems and can offer a full turnkey supply. Read more about how our Omnisprint was used to solve customer production problems and how we helped them achieve better drilling results here.

We find solutions to suit your needs and strive to produce the best results possible, enabling you to grow your business and move forward. We’ve helped many companies around the world solve their drilling problems and have worked with a wide variety of sectors.

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