Mollart’s Diamond Burnishing Tools – Unrivalled Versatility

Versatility, durability and quality of finish are what make Mollart’s Diamond Burnishing Tools the go-to choice for customers looking for an outstanding product. The tools are specifically designed to be used on any driven machine spindle, with 0.8mm – 1.6mm Ra finishes on shafts, large bores, and faces. They can burnish virtually any size stock; from carbon steels to tool steels, cast iron to alloys, and most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Mollart Diamond Burnishing Tool
What makes Mollart Diamond Burnishing Tools so versatile?

·       Set up is simple, no special operator skills are required

·       They can be used on both large and small diameters.

·       Ideal for short production runs.

·      Various models are designed for use in the tool posts of manual lathes, automatic or CNC equipment.


Regarding the starting point, tighten the adjusting screw by turning it clockwise until all clearance between the pushrod and the spring is removed. Tighten the screw another 1 to 2 turns, which will compress the spring and provide the necessary preload to the diamond insert. For the best results, the pre-finish on most metals should be approximately 40 to 60 R.M.S. A feed rate of .076 to .102mm per revolution at a speed of up to 229 surface meters per minute, is generally recommended when using Mollart burnishing tools. It is important not to exceed the recommended amount of interface. An excessive projection of the diamond insert into any surface interruption could cause tool breakage. This is due to the diamond insert not being able to perform its climbing action. Note – adjusting the burnishing force will not affect the amount of interference.

How it works

The burnishing tool is mounted in the tool post of the machine. It is brought into contact with the workpiece at the centreline of the part and perpendicular to the surface being finished. The tool is then fed into the workpiece, with an additional .05 or .08mm to allow the diamond insert to become disengaged from the stop in the holder. The spring, with its preload, forces the diamond against the workpiece to produce a mirror-like finish.                                                                                                               

Diamond Burnishing Tools compared to Multi-Roll Tools

Diamond Burnishing Tools do not have the advantage of an overlapping effect as with multi-roll tools, for this reason, slower feed rates and/or multiple passes over the part may be required in order to produce the desired finish.

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