Mollart Multi Burnishing Tools – Eliminate Additional Grinding & Polishing

We are pleased to introduce Mollart’s Multi Burnishing Tool range. For those who have never come across the process before, this can be an absolute “GAME CHANGER”.   It can eliminate the additional expensive grinding or polishing operation completely!

Roller Burnishing

Massive savings are possible in the application of this process. Roller Burnishing is a chipless machining method that works the metal without cutting or abrading the surface. It removes no metal but rather compresses the peaks of a metal surface into the troughs, generating a dense and uniform surface. Roller Burnishing improves surface finish and finalizes the dimensional accuracy. Surface finishes in the process can be improved from 2.5 µm CLA to a possible 0.06 µm CLA finish in a single pass.  The machinability of the material being worked will have an impact on the exact figures that can be achieved with a further variant being the consistency of the surface finish prior to burnishing.  

Multi-Burnishing Tools are designed for burnishing shafts, faces, tapers, contours and large IDs greater than 70.0mm. Two styles are available.

Boring-Bar Style: is designed for use in a machine turret configuration on a CNC lathe, where different diameters are required from a single tool set-up.

Boring Bar

Turning-Holder Style: is designed for use in an indexable turning holder configuration, mounted to a machine turret on a lathe. 

Burnishing Tools Mollart
Try Before You Purchase

There are many configurations for your specific application.  Our expert engineers are ready to help with the correct selection for your application and are ready to demonstrate the process to you on your own equipment so you can try before you purchase.

For more information please take a look at more details in respect of the Burnishing Tools and its capabilities here or get in touch on 020 8391 2282

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