Mollart Launches New Generation BTA Machine


The HD1-3000 adds a truly world class machine to the portfolio of machining capabilities at Mollart Engineering, taking its Subcontract Precision Machining offering to new heights. The machine’s development was the culmination of over two years of work and dedication. Installed at our  Subcontract Precision Machining facility in Chessington, it is already being used to service customer orders and showing impressive results!

 Large Drilling Capacity

The HD1-3000 has been developed with a large drilling capacity in order to tackle the most difficult materials. Its capabilities allow the machine to drill from ranges of 25mm – 150mm in solid drilling, on materials such as Inconel 718 and up to 250mm counter boring, with a capacity of up to 3000mm long.  

Double Rotation

The first parts which have been processed are showing results better than 0.15mm over 2000mm TIR.  The HD1-3000 has a double rotation, ensuring that the accuracy will always be at the highest performance level possible.

Additional Capabilities

 In addition to the capabilities already mentioned, the machine can push and pull bore, trepan and counterbore. Due to the automatic 4 speed gearbox, the machine is capable of 5550 Nm of torque at 80 RPM, giving Mollart Engineering a true workhorse, which will be able to cope with the toughest of jobs, on the toughest materials. The machine is also equipped with the ‘Mollart Monitoring System’, so any worn or broken inserts will be identified during the drilling process, which will then be brought to a stop without risking the durable tooling.

This is an exciting time at Mollart Engineering and we are looking forward to working with our customers on their most demanding materials. The HD1-3000 is truly a game changer in Subcontract Precision Machining and even the early results are indicative that this is a world class machine, with exceptional capabilities.

If you would like to know more or have any questions then please get in touch, here are our contact details.