Mollart Designed Oil Reclaim and Swarf Handling System

Mollart Engineering has designed and built a Swarf handling system which will produce dryer and cleaner metal chips together with the ability to reclaim the oil, which would otherwise have previously been lost. 

Swarf Handling System 1

We set about designing a system that would handle a full cubic metre bin of chips at a time.  One of the problems we had to overcome was short chips going through the centrifuge. The chips could be chopped before being centrifuged, however from previous experience, we found this equipment needed a great deal of servicing to keep it functioning well. Therefore, this method in reality was not viable, especially when considering the return on the sale of the chips involved. 

Problem Solved

The design team came up with a conveyor system fitted with a hopper and a centrifuge. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted depending upon the type of chips being fed and the centrifuge is a fixed speed unit with a capacity of 1000KG per hour.   

Special Design Features for Outdoor Use

This special design enables the system to be kept outdoors, having been fitted with overlapping weather doors to stop the rain getting into the system.  The conveyor is fitted with a sump pump and stand for a standard IBC container, enabling any returned oil to be pumped back into the IBC and sent for reclaim once the IBC is full. The control panel is sealed to IP 65 standard and covered, so that it is not subjected to direct rainfall.  Output from the centrifuge goes back into a clean tipping bin, the chips can then be put into the correct bin for disposal. The whole system sits in a Bunded tank, which eliminates the possibility of oil contamination into the watercourse. 

If you would like more information about the swarf handling system or to make a general enquiry, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8391 2282 or email