Introducing Mollart Engineering’s Fully Automatic Briquetting Machine

We are proud to present our fully automatic Briquetting machine which can be integrated with a CNC Gun Drilling or Milling machine. Mollart Briquetting machine can produce 60mm briquettes and is able to recover the coolant oil back to the tank unit. Swarf capacity (steel) is approximately 30/40kg /p/h with a compaction pressure of 200kg/cm². The machine has its own PLC and can be run as a standalone unit or interfaced to a machine providing there is the necessary interface available.  The interface panel on the unit can be used to manually control the system should there be any need to work on the equipment. The machine is certified to CE UKCA standards and fitted with necessary interlocks to provide safe operation. 

Briquetting Machine

Machine Features and Specifications

– Briquette diameter : 60mm.

-swarf capacity (Steel): 30/40kg /p/h approx. 

-Compaction pressure: 200kg/cm² 

-Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

-Self-contained 4kw 70L hydraulic system with heat exchanger ready to connect to a cold water supply. 

-Easily adjustable parameters through the standalone Schneider PLC. With Interactive Touch Screen HMI.

-Hardox hopper and auger screws, and hardened tool steel compaction elements for extended service life.

-Hinged electrical cabinet for easy servicing access.

-Swarf agitation paddle to prevent the swarf from ‘bridging’.

-Recovered oil is returned directly to the tank from which it came or alternatively into the customer’s oil container. 

-750x920mm base footprint at floor level (1350 x 1250 max plan view)

-300kg approx. (360kg with full hydraulic tank).

Competitive Advantages 

-Low cost and small footprint so this can be nicely fitted to the output conveyor of the machine.

– Briquets of swarf which are 90% Plus free from oil thus maintaining your oil in the equipment from where it came.

– Reduces the volume of swarf massively to virtually solid steel.

– Increases the value of the swarf when sold. 

-Eliminates the need for manual transportation and loading of swarf.

-The standalone PLC allows the briquetting machine to operate independently from the gun-drilling/milling machine if required. 

-Unit will be fully compliant with “CE” & “ UK CA” standards. 

Design and Inspiration 

The Mechanical Design is down to our talented Design Engineer, Mike Stratton. He spent around two and a half months from gathering information and ideas to the final product release. Mike said, “the focal point of his design is COMPACT and TIDY to offer cost, floor area, and operations efficiencies”. Low cost and a small footprint make it ideal as a dedicated chip processor for a single machine. The first Mollart Briquetting machine has been fitted in our Omnisprint machine, going to a customer in Canada who is focused on Automotive projects.

Mike Stratton Design Engineer at Mollart

The Managing Director of the company Ian Petitt, commented “We are sure this will be another successful product from Mollart.  Thank all the team involved in making this the success I know this will be.  In particular, thanks to Mike who has done a very good job of the mechanical design.  “ Mike was given the brief to design this equipment to meet the rigors of the production world we work in as we couldn’t find what we wanted on the open market. He has gone all the way with this and has even built the unit himself to ensure fit and function of all the parts. You have become a valuable member of the design team. Well done Mike! “

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