Incompass Manufactured Growth Solutions Acquires Mollart Engineering Limited

We have some very important news we would like to share with you all. The Mollart Machine tools business which trades through the entity Mollart Engineering Limited has been acquired by an American based company. This company is called InCompass™ and is a platform company of TJM Capital Partners. This encompasses various other well-known brands such as Colchester, Harrison, Pratt Bernard, Timesavers and Clausing. They have focused companies covering automation and integration with state-of-the-art factories with industry 4.0 capability and beyond. In addition to this the group also have multiple manufacturing facilities in USA, Europe and Asia and have the ability to grow and support the Mollart Machine Tools business as it moves forward. 

In the short term, the Machine Tools manufacturing facility will remain in the UK with the same team of staff you have become familiar with over the years. Longer term we have plans to build and provide machine support in multiple countries to provide increased efficiencies and response to our loyal and long-standing customer base. 

Becoming part of a larger group will provide significant opportunities which Mollart as an independent company could not offer and will allow the Machine Tool business to grow and expand to meet its full potential. 

We would like to stress that the sale of this business does not include our world class subcontract machining and assembly, deep hole drilling and tooling businesses, which reside at our facilities in Chessington and Resolven in the UK. Following a group restructure at the beginning of the year these businesses now trade as Mollart Engineering (Chessington) Limited and Mollart Engineering (Resolven) Limited. These businesses will continue to provide world class services and support to new and existing customers now and into the future. There is no change to the management or staff of these entities. 

These sites at Chessington and Resolven are already equipped with the latest 5 axis machines, plus metrology and technology that allows us to provide robust process solutions to our customer base. This includes full machine shops with deep hole drilling machines which can offer holes from 0.5mm up to 150mm diameter 3 metres long, together with On/Off centre capabilities with capacity up to 8 tons. Our Resolven facility is also capable of Clean Room Assembly which allows the delivery of fully tested assembled units direct to our customers. 

In addition, our facility in Resolven has recently been fitted with a solar panel array that drives down our carbon footprint and increases our efficiency to give our customers a responsible supplier who is taking care of the planet and adapting to the ever-changing economic challenges. 

We would like to wish InCompass™ a bright and prosperous future with the Mollart Machine Tools Business. 

Ian Petitt

Managing Director