Cutting Lead Times – Bespoke Subcontract Small Deep Hole Drilling

Mollart Engineering’s subcontract division always enjoys a challenge and no more so than when we are posed with a bespoke ‘small deep hole drilling’ request from a customer. Being presented with bespoke requests not only enables our engineers to use their extensive knowledge and skills, but to also push boundaries in order to solve customer problems. 

Subcontract Small Hole Drilling
Reducing Lead Times

We received one such enquiry recently at our Chessington facility, this was a new customer who needed a Ø1.60±0.02mm x 95mm through-hole in Stainless steel 304. Our large BOTEK tooling inventory enabled us to react very quickly, with a turnaround time of just four days from quotation to delivery!

One Stop Component Solution

Coupled with our Mazak Nexus and quick turn lathes, we have a formidable advantage by providing a one stop complete component solution for all your small hole/small component requirements. Having everything under one roof drastically reduces lead times to our customers. 

We are one of only a small handful of UK drill shops that can drill from Ø0.50mm to Ø200.0mm all under one roof and pride ourselves on the ability to react quickly to our customer’s needs and requirements. 

If you would like more information on small deep hole drilling or our subcontract drilling services please call Tel: +44 (0)20 8391 2282 or email, 

We are always happy to discuss project ideas with you and have experts on hand to give advice.