Apprenticeship Success At Mollart Engineering

Mollart Engineering has a long-standing history of actively investing in the future of precision engineering through the provision of apprenticeships. The company is delighted to recognise the success of its latest apprentice, Sam Taylor, who has successfully completed his course.

Sam started working at Mollart Engineering approximately four years ago as an apprentice straight from school. Sam enrolled in a four year Electrical Apprenticeship with the company and attended Nescot College as part of the programme. Placed into the company’s world-leading Machine Tool division, Sam has played a key part in the ongoing success of this division and the company as a whole. 

Sam detailed key aspects of his journey from school leaver to qualified apprentice which are part of the structured scheme which Mollart Engineering adopt for the provision of apprenticeships at both of its engineering sites in Chessington, Surrey and Resolven, South Wales.

Structured Salary Scheme

“Wages were low to start with but as I progressed through my college course and gained valuable hands on experience my salary increased rapidly via the structured salary scheme employed by the company which rewards progress at college and the academic aspect of the apprenticeship, plus commitment and work ethic.”

Part of Sam’s reasoning behind selecting an apprenticeship was the opportunity to learn skills on the job with talented, experienced co-workers earn a good salary and achieve a valuable qualification. Sam commented, “It’s great to be fully trained and not have the additional burden of a debt that many of my friends who went on to university now have”.

This is an ethos that the company promotes and it believes that youngsters looking to acquire sought after engineering skills and disciplines, together with earning a good salary, can be achieved through apprenticeships, such as those offered by Mollart Engineering.

Direct Supervision and Support

Juggling work and college studies are part of the apprenticeship programme, Sam indicated that “It was challenging for me to complete the apprenticeship and pass the exam structure for my college course at the same time, working hard in the factory and then also completing my studies, but I received really great support from my direct supervisor, Simon Musticone, plus all the other staff at Mollart Engineering in Chessington during my time as an apprentice.”  

“Occasionally I found certain things difficult at work, but my supervisor provided me with great alternatives, solutions and guidance.  I was clearly shown how to execute the task until I was confident and capable of doing the job by myself, and was always encouraged to ask if I was unsure of anything”. 

“I have developed many electrical engineering related skills whilst undertaking my apprenticeship, especially regarding planning and designing electrical drawings for the bespoke Machine Tools which we manufacture and also in regard to the ongoing maintenance of the factory premises which we operate from”. 

Apprenticeship Success at Mollart
Continued Progression

“This has given me the confidence and knowledge to do the work required as a professional in this area of expertise and the ability to continue improving and progressing into the future. I now earn a fully qualified wage, I can tackle interesting and complex tasks and I look forward to building my career further and learning additional skills to enhance my opportunities with Mollart Engineering moving forward”.  

The Managing Director of the company, Ian Petitt, commented “I must say we are all very proud to bring the young generation into what is a very interesting field of engineering.  Not all of the people that start are able to complete the courses or just don’t have the drive that is required to go through to completion. Currently we have several apprentices all at different stages and within different sectors of our business”.  

“Sam is a tremendous role model for all the youngsters that want to go down this path.  He is well mannered, very diligent and has truly become a valuable member of the electrical team and I am sure he will continue to grow his knowledge as he moves forward.  I would like to thank the team who look after our apprentices for supporting him and helping him to get through some of the sticky aspects of his job and also Nescot College for their support with our stars of tomorrow. Well done Sam!!”

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Mollart Engineering Limited, please email your CV and details to